COVID-19lbs avoided: Sensazao crew helps us keep on dancing

Rita Ting-Hopper
2 min readApr 24, 2020


April 15, 2020|connect in real life, Festi ideas, life hacks, side hustle

Closed gyms and homestay orders are not stopping Gabriela, Jaz, and Adriana from holding their Sensazao dance fitness classes.

virtual events and classes on

The Sensazao crew is helping us master the sultry dance moves we see on Tik Tok or Youtube (#quarantinechallenge). These talented instructors found a way to help lift up our energy and spirit when we need it the most!

Since COVID-19, virtual, and 6ft apart activities are more popular on Festi- a place to share events with your friends and community.

If you put your zoom link as the location, you can easily schedule a virtual event (and charge for it, if you want).

With our routines and jobs upended so quickly, there is no time to think about launching a website, promoting classes and figuring out a payment system. With Festi, it takes about 2 minutes to post. You can access it from the web or the app. “It’s easy and fun to use,” said Jaz over DM on Instagram (appFesti).

Robyn, a college counselor, gave advice on zoom, sharing her insight on how COVID-19 has affected the college admission process. Lorne shared a virtual workshop on Festi on how to uncover your unconscious biases. Ann posted a virtual happy hour (privately with her friends). Mike planned a hike and a bike ride.

For most of us, we have some talent (or at least time) to share during these home quarantine days. When our Mondays and Fridays are blurring together, Festi can help provide more routine and structure in our week. Create events, book activities, or at least follow some friends.

We’re gonna get through this together. Thanks to all who have posted activities virtually and 6ft apart. When this is all over, we’re going to dance out of our homes with new moves and a network of friends we can keep on doing things with in-person, face-to-face!

Check Times. for news and updates about flattening the curve. To follow confirmed Covid-19 cases, here’s the Coronavirus update from CDC.



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