How To Get Paid For Online Class (Without a Website)

Rita Ting-Hopper
3 min readMar 3, 2022

Jaz, Gabriela, and Tiphanie are all busy with daytime jobs and activities. All three of them found a way to get virtual classes going in just a few minutes by using Zoom and posting dance fitness classes on Festi; a place for pop-up workouts.

There are 3 areas you need to figure out: 1) online streaming; 2) payment; and 3) spreading the word.

Online streaming

Zoom is the easiest platform for many to present your online class. If you don’t want to use zoom here is an article with other options and also tips on video recording.


There are 6 top payment providers Paypal, Stripe, Square, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, which support online classes. Some of them require that you have a website.

Any option you look at, there is no easy way to escape the 3% transaction fee, for credit card processing. Even if you can get away with no fees on Venmo, you have to be cautious because it’s against their terms of service to charge for classes unless you use their Business Plan.

“ Beyond the legal considerations, these [payment] apps also do not aid in a positive customer experience… If you present one payment link through an app like Venmo, that can make people uncomfortable since they know it is not through a formal processing service “ says Shannon Weinstein a CPA in her article about collecting online payments for online training.

Spreading the word

Oftentimes the bigger hassle is figuring out a fast way to let people know about your class. What are the options for advertising and promotion? Newsletters and social media are effective but are time-consuming. If you scroll through Instagram and Facebook you can find hundreds of fitness groups offering all sorts of classes online.

If you don’t have the time or desire to deal with social media then Festi is a good option, the platform is a digital space for people to discover pop-up workouts by individual creators.

The biggest bonus is that all your followers on Festi will get a direct and instant notification about your class every time you post. There is also a personal link you can embed so people can pay you from Instagram (see picture). Gabriela, the co-founder of Sensazao, a Brazilian street dance workout focusing on one-of-a-kind dance choreographies, finds the platform “an easy way for people to pay for my class from Instagram”. On her IG link, she embedded “Zoom classes”, which then takes you to her Zoom class to pay.

Even though Gabriela has thousands of followers on Instagram, she knows she doesn’t have to post on Instagram promoting her pop-up classes because over 100 of her Festi Followers get a notification about her class time every time the pop-up workout is posted. For those of you who have very little time and budget to get started, Festi combines all three steps in one. It is a payment platform with Zoom integration so all you have to do is post your class and be in business. It’s free to use but there is a 3% credit card processing fee. That’s it. No hidden fees. No subscription. No website is needed.

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